Spiritual Travel, Ashram Life ?!?

So this is crazy right ? last year we have met with our first spiritual guide Australia, a white shaman  in the beginning  of our spiritual quest then spent a day with at the Tam Bao Son  Temple see what the bouddhiste had to says . And now we just spent three days in an Ashram. to get the taste of what it mean to live the simple life,

Love, Pray, Live

We had been driving around for a while now looking for a place we could boondock “Living off grid” reconnect with nature and get to do some yoga but there was no where to go. I have to say I was a little disappointed in my beautiful province of quebec. Every place i went as a child was now a paying touristic site that a person of my means couldn’t afford nor did I want to spend that kind of money or event vibing with my life path but as they say nothing happen for nothing during our research we came across some information regarding a yoga camp  in the laurentian, Quebec  that got my attention I was in a dire need of some yoga time and they would also offer dinner after the class and we were looking for a destination, so after speaking with a lovely lady over the phone told her our predicament with the size of our vehicle she told us we could find a place we could park so we headed down to this yoga camp.

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